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    Need to File an Insurance Claim on Your Roof?

    Filing an insurance claim for a roof repair project can be a tricky.  Our experts have over 20 years of helping clients file accurate and honest insurance claims to their insurance company.  We have an in house insurance adjuster to help get your claimed filed as quickly and as possible.

    This assures that you get the fastest service on your insurance claim and that your roof gets repaired or replaced in a timely manner.

    When there’s an outbreak of storms in an area roof damages may be extensive.  You are left competing with all the other claimants in the area.  It could be weeks before your roofing needs are met if you try and file on your own or with an inexperienced company.  Call us for immediate assistance on filing insurances claims and be certain your needs are front and center when it comes to getting your roof fixed.

    Do You Suspect You May Have Hail or Wind Damage to Your Roof?

    Normally the two go hand in hand.  Where’s there’s hail there’s usually a wind in front of it and vice versa.  Hail damage to roofs are the leading insurance claim reason in Kentucky.  When spring hail storms roll through, hail damaged roofs are our expertise.  We can file your hail damage claim in as little as 12 hours to get your case rolling and your repair in a timely manner.

    Wind damage is another aspect of insurance claims filing that we always take care of for our clients.  When spring storms and summertime severe weather hit, winds can wreak havoc on roofing material throughout the Bluegrass.
    That’s why our experts are trained in assessing the damage and filling out insurance claims for our clients.  We know what real storm damage looks like and we know how to submit the insurance forms so that the insurance company can address your claims promptly.  If there are inconsistencies or information in the forms that are missing or incorrect, it could delay the processing of your insurance claim.

    Lexington Roofing and Repair has special relationships with the adjusters and insurance companies that allows us to file your claim in the most efficient manner possible.

    Do You Have Water Running Down Your Walls?

    Water running down the walls could be an indicator of a few problems you might have going on.  The first thing you need to ask yourself is is there water on the roof?

    Seems like a simple enough questions.  Is it raining outside?  If it isn’t raining or hasn’t rained in a while is the roof covered in snow?  An ice dam can for on your roof causing melting ice and snow to seep between the damaged roof or gutters.

    You may want to go outside and inspect your gutters.  Be sure to have someone hold the ladder for you if you need to look inside and check for a blockage or debris.  We can also repair your damaged gutters.

    If there are no apparent signs of water or gutter malfunction on your roof you may have a serious plumbing problem.  You should consult your local plumbing contractorfor assistance addressing water issues inside of your walls.

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