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    Nicholasville, Kentucky

    Nicholasville, Kentucky is located in Jessamine County, right in the heart of Kentucky’s Bluegrass region.  It is on the outskirts of Lexington and has a population of around 28,015.  It serves as the county seat and is the eleventh largest settlement in the state of Kentucky with 13.08 square miles of land to its name.

    The town is one of the most rapidly growing ones, claiming the spot of seventh growing city in the nation.  Between 1970 and 2010, it increased by an astounding 380%.  One of the reasons for the growth is that it serves as a nice residential area for those who work in the Lexington area.

    Another attraction is that it has a good bit of employment opportunities itself.  Shopping is a top feature in the town too.  Due to the increase in population, the city is making notable positive attempts to keep up with the transportation needs of its citizens.

    Nicholasville is rich in history.  Founded in 1798, it was incorporated in 1837.  It was named for a founding father of the Kentucky Constitution (1792), Colonel George Nicholas.

    A huge perk of Nicholasville is that it is surrounded by the splendor of Kentucky’s horse country.  The bluegrass of the area makes it a fabulous place to raise horses.  The terrain and weather is ideal for breeding and racing them too.

    There are tons of equine-themed activities around the area.  Along with attractions of its own, it is just minutes away from all the horse themed parks and museums in Lexington.

    Lake Mingo is an artificial pond in Nicholasville that was named for the Mingo people, Native Americans who once dwelled on the land.  There is also a channelized stream called Town Fork that passes underneath downtown and runs southward, eventually emptying into Jessamine Creek.

    Nicholasville was home to the first commercial vineyard in the country, the Chrisman Vineyard.  To celebrate the historical fact, the notorious Kentucky Wine and Vine Fest is held the second Saturday in May of each year.  Wines from commercial vineyards are dawned at the annual event.  Kentucky and surrounding area amateur winemakers showcase their wares as well.

    The Hope Over Jessamine County is a fair that began just a few years ago.  It is held around September and has been making waves in the area as being an awesome time when non-profits and resources join together for a day of incredible fun for the community.  A petting zoo, pony rides, inflatables, food, entertainment, craft vendors and local artisans are among the many attractions that are putting this free for all county fair on the map.

    Civil are re-enactments are another hot feature of the town where culture and history come together.  There is also great spots to enjoy outdoor recreational activities like fishing, swimming and camping.  Agritourism type places of interest are plentiful in and around the town.  The beautiful rolling bluegrass land alone attracts many sightseers.

    There are seventeen parks throughout the Nicholasville community that can be enjoyed.  Some boast special features like golf or Frisbee golf, water amusement and trails for walking.  The city-county park has walking trails and an unleashed dog park too.  Organized sports are available for youth and adults are able to join a softball league.

    Located in the humid subtropical climate zone, Nicholasville is known for humid and hot summers and somewhat cool to cold winters.  Plateau breezes flow through the town.  The weather is especially mild during the autumn months.  While snow does fall during the winter, there aren’t usually extended times of extreme weather conditions.

    Nicholasville has a government non-partisan city commission style of government it operates under.  It has an elected mayor as well as four commissioners.  Each candidate is required to gain the support of the electorate majority.

    Managing city departments is among the duties of the commissioners who serve two terms.  The mayor of the town, however, serves a four year term.  Commissioners also draft laws and pass them as they wield all administrative, legislative and executive powers for the city.  Their meetings are held twice per month.

    Nicholasville is experiencing some exciting changes lately.  The downtown area is beginning to bustle with new businesses springing up on Main Street and nearby areas.  Art walks and seasonal events are drawing crowds.  The streetscape is said to be better than ever now.

    The town is appreciated for its quality of life and love for the cultural arts and historical significance.  Nicholasville prides itself in a strong entrepreneurial spirit and the power of creative thinking.  Recently, state funding was approved to further the city’s culture and art.  Musical heritage is important to the town too.

    If you are one who likes a small town, rural feel with all the amenities of a larger one, Nicholasville might just be the perfect spot to hang your hat.

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