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    Scott County, Kentucky

    Scott County, Kentucky has a population of a little over 46,000.  It is part of the Lexington-Fayette Metropolitan Statistical Area.  It includes the county seat of Georgetown, Stamping Ground and Sadieville.

    Explored as far back as 1774. Scott County was the blunt of frequent hostile Indian attacks.  The early settler, John McClelland (who hailed from Pennsylvania) experienced one such attack and abandoned the compound he had founded.  The first permanent settlement was established by Robert Johnson in 1783.  It was called Johnson’s Station.  The second parish was established in 1786 by Maryland Catholics.  It was located at St. Francis.

    Scott County was formally created in the year 1792.  It was one of the initial counties to be established following Kentucky’s statehood.  It was named after a Revolutionary War hero but the name of General Charles Scott.  He was in charge of commanding the Kentucky Militia in the 1791 Battle of the Wabash.  Three years later he participated in the victorious Battle of Fallen Timbers.  He served as Governor of the state from 1808 to 1812.

    The area was largely Native American and is rich in the history thereof.  The Choctaw Nation started the Choctaw Academy at Blue Springs in the county in 1825.  It was in operation until 1842.  Then, the Spencer Academy was founded for Choctaw boys and a school for girls opened as well.  The Baptist missionaries begat the Armstrong Academy shortly after.

    Scott County was responsible for providing the Union Army with 118 soldiers during the American Civil War.  Around 1,000 enlisted in the Confederate Army.  During this time, George Johnson was elected to serve as the provisional Confederate governor of the state.

    Counties that are adjacent to Scott County are: Harrison County, Bourbon County, Grant County, Fayette County, Owen County, Woodford County and Franklin County.  Scott County is a moist county which means it is classified as dry, where alcohol is concerned.  But, it has a wet city within its borders which is Georgetown.

    Scott County consists of 285.  Two hundred and eighty-two square miles is of land.  There is 3.7 of the land that is comprised of water.

    The land is known for its rolling hills that is covered in bluegrass.  It is a popular destination for sight seers who bask in the beauty of the surroundings.  Historical rock fences, horse farms, lakes and meandering streams, old cider mills, and orchards of trees can be seen along the drive.

    Sadieville is one of the towns in Scott County.  The population is around  mere 263. Part of the Lexington-Fayette Metropolitan Statistical Area, Sadieville is a town that is centered around the railroad.  It came to life when the Cincinnati Southern Railroad came through the town in 1876.  In 1878, the first post office appeared.  Named for a local lady named Sarah Martha Emison Pack, Sadieville was incorporated in 1880.  Even as small as the town is, it earned its name on the map by providing the largest market for shipping colts and mules in the entire nation.

    Stamping Ground is another small town nestled into Scott County.  It has 566 residents within its borders.  It too is part of the Lexington-Fayette Metropolitan Statistical Area.

    Established in 1817, Stamping Ground was named for the active herds of bison that romped in the area.  Originally the town was named Herndonsville after a prominent local family but the name was changed in 1834.

    The post office was established in 1816.  It was named Stamping Ground but then changed to Herndonsville from 1823 to 1834 when it was given back its original name of Stamping Ground post office.

    Stamping Ground has a whopping 0.6 square miles in the town.  There are 230 households.  Only 152 of the families actually reside in the city.

    Georgetown is the county seat of Scott County.  It is definitely the largest town in it with a population of 33.440.  It is the seventh-largest populated city in the state of Kentucky.  Also a part of the Lexington-Fayette Metropolitan Statistical Area, the town is most famous for containing the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky plant.  The building is the largest of its kind in the whole United States.  It takes up more than 200 acres.

    Georgetown began growing when the Toyota plant moved to town and has not stopped since.  Along with the employment opportunities at Toyota, there are a number of other large companies that do a considerable amount of hiring in the area.  Georgetown is also a hub for Lexington where many live for the small town feel that has excellent access to the metropolitan perks of the larger town nearby.

    All of the areas that make up Scott County have a deep appreciation for horses.  The breeding, raising and racing of them has had a deep impact on the culture, both in the past and in the present as well.  Working horse farms and racing tracks are sprinkled throughout the area.

    Scott County is a unique mix of the beautiful scenery of the bluegrass-clad country side and, in places, the conveniences of modern living.  Those who are lucky enough to live there consider themselves…lucky enough.

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